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About Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party

After years of frustration and concern about the arrangements for devolution in Wales, a new party has been founded to represent the views of the many Welsh people who do not want an assembly at all. We believe that the Welsh Assembly has failed to deliver for the people of Wales. We are therefore committed to getting rid of the Assembly.
The Assembly is another expensive tier of Government which is totally unnecessary. We in Wales already have Councillors, MP's, MEP's. How many tiers of government does Wales need? 
The cost of running The Assembly is very difficult to estimate. We are tempted to think this is deliberate as the figure would, no doubt, be truly shocking. Now we find that Welsh Assembly members are going to see their salaries increased to £64,000 in 2016. Assembly Cabinet ministers will get £100,000 p.a. The First Minister's salary is due to increase to near the level of Prime Minister David Cameron, £140,000 pa. The First Minister is only in charge of devolved issues covering Wales.
When you consider the salaries of most people in Wales, this is outrageous. This, at a time when our Local Councils are facing huge cuts in services. Last year Wales was the only part of the UK to decrease spending on the NHS. Not only that, but Welsh patients were obliged to travel to England to receive life saying treatments not available in Wales. Senior members of NHS staff and many others have moved to England to receive treatments unavailable to them in Wales.
Standards of Education in Welsh schools have fallen well behind other areas of the UK.
The Assembly says the solution is to give them MORE powers.
We say, “Never reinforce Failure”.
What we will do to help
Therefore, we will oppose any further transfer of powers from Westminster to Cardiff Bay.
We will also oppose the plan to increase the number of seats in the Assembly from 60 now, to 80 or even 100 as proposed by pro-Assembly groups. Clearly this would add significantly to the cost of running the Assembly.
It was only a few years ago that we had just Councillors and MP's working for the people of Wales.
The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party believe it is time to return to that system and get rid of this unnecessary tier in Cardiff Bay. We also believe that local democracy is delivered effectively by the 22 Local Authorities. We therefore oppose the Welsh Assembly Government’s plan to reduce their numbers.
We have support from across Wales for the new Party. This support comes, not only from the tens of thousands of people disillusioned with the Cardiff Bay Assembly, but also from many of those who voted against it in the 1997 referendum which brought it into being.
We will be standing Candidates in the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections. We will have ONE policy only. “Abolish The Assembly”. This is logical because we believe it is in Wales’ best interest to send 40 MP’s to the
Westminster Parliament and remain a fully integrated part of the United Kingdom.